Tungsten Based

C-Mac represents manufacturers of quality tungsten based products, forgings, castings, and machined and assembled components. All products are made to our customers’ exact specifications and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

When purchasing products from C-Mac, our customers can be assured that all products are fully inspected by our professional engineers and orders will be delivered according to the customer’s requirements.

Examples of products provided by TTI Metals:

Tungsten Based Products: Ammonium Paratungstate (APT), Blue Tungsten Oxide, Yellow Tungsten Oxide, Tungsten (W), Tungsten Carbide (WC), Graded Carbide Powders, and a few select cemented tungsten carbide products such as Carbide Wear Pads and Carbide Pellets.


C-Mac International has partnered with a metals company, which since 1989 has been selling special cutting tools to the metalworking industry, evolving into a fully integrated global provider of supply chain management services for the metal and metalworking industry.

Forgings, Hot & Cold

Forgings and Castings:

TTI Metals specializes in cold forgings although warm and hot forgings can be provided upon request. Castings are gray, ductile, and centrifugally cast.

Components & Assemblies

Machined and Assembled Components: Driveshaft, axle, transmission, bearing, oilfield, timber, and construction industry components.