Ceramic Crucibles

C-Mac International, LLC supplies a wide range of ceramic crucibles in a variety of materials to suit almost any application. Two of the most durable materials to use for ceramic crucibles are Alumina and Zirconia.  Our ceramic crucible products are available in a range of sizes. Applications include very high temperature use in metal, glass, and pigment production, as well as a number of modern laboratory processes.

Crucibles that are Ultra High Purity ceramic are essential for laboratory wear and microwave applications. The almost zero levels of impurity in C-Mac ceramic crucibles allow for low to zero contamination with the materials being examined. Laboratory ware crucibles can also be used at elevated temperatures.

Crucibles that are Ultra High Purity ceramic are also ideal for highly acidic and alkaline conditions.

For Crucibles used in microwave applications; the alumina is almost invisible to the microwaves, making it an ideal microwave chamber.

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Technical Data Sheet